Journey to the center of the earth.

  • So I was exploring my world bright sunny day, butterflies are around, wolves are howling and I found something interesting.

    A hole with light at the bottom.

    At first I was like "How can this be? Light coming forth from the depths of the underground? Does Hell truly exist?" So like any sane man or woman would do I jumped and the first sign of adventure!.

    Once I reached the bottom I couldn't believe my eyes. I gasped in awe and thought to myself something so wonderful could not exist! But alas it does. There was another world underneath our own. I walked a few feet just to get my bearings there was no way to reach my hole which I had jumped down. And thus my new life underground begins today.


  • What the hell? is this really under the map???? Then this would explain a lot why it takes so much on ur computer if it has to load the world under to ...

  • Nah, I was just messing around with the settings lol. Mainly different seed generations. Though it wasn't a world I could live on (everything was already extinict lol)

  • Thats the proof, the world is flat. lol

  • Hehe thats a bug when you generated a new world with a different size over another world i think that created 2 layers of worlds =P

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