Huckleberries Not Harvestable?

  • Hi all. I've tried to harvest huckleberries through any method I could (the scythe, axe, shovel, etc) and it just won't collect. I know the way to do it is pressing E, but it won't harvest it then either. I believe it's fully grown because I can see the berries on it. Am I doing something wrong?

  • I think sometimes they are not fully grown. even if you can see the berries. Maybe try a soil sampler - it shows the % that the plant has grown. If it says it's 100% but you cannot pick them, then it's a bug.

  • Use a shovel on the bush :D

  • You should be able to taste them and see if fruits are ripe! That's how it works in nature. The riper the fruit the more sugars (carbohydrates) and therefore the more energy. I hope a vegan life is possible in Eco, it's so much less resource intensive (not to mention health if a balanced nutritional intake is accessible in the wild or from cultivars). Haven't played since Alpha 2 or something so yet to see for myself.

  • Make sure it's highlighted correctly. Does it give you a message such as the berries are not ripe? Or can you not harvest any bush?
    E is the correct button. Also, which version/server are you on and does anyone else have that problem? If you play from another computer, do you have that problem? There ought to be other details I should ask.

  • @jhadred I don't get any sort of message when I try to harvest them. I'm running a private server for me and my friend, and neither of us can harvest it. I tried restarting the server and it didn't work, although I'm not too great with things like that. I'm on the latest version. I think I'm highlighting the correct thing, the entire bush should be outlined in green, correct?

  • could be a bugged bush - also right now you get no error message when trying to harvest things on land not owned by you, so that could be it as well.

  • BUMP I have the same issue. Can't harvest Huckleberries. And there is no error message. I am also running a private server.

  • @Metachronism Well it definitely isn't owned land because neither of us have claimed any.

  • one thing i noticed is that if you are carrying too much you can't harvest and it does not always tell you

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