Deeds for everything? Plot ownership?!

  • Why do we get deeds for every door we place? It's a huge waste of inventory space! Why don't we get one deed for every plot we make? Just make it more advanced; adding options for the doors we place in the plot etc. The deeds only offer ownership, but should suggest in detail how much space I used and options to expand and whatnot.

    Also, why can't we customize our workshop once the table gets placed? I want to add windows and roofing, but it tells me that I am not allowed to build there.

    Workshop, house, and 2 doors. Takes up 1/4 of my inventory space.

    Unable to build above.

    p.s. There is a bug where I would fall through the holes in the roof, and then through the world. I would usually end up spawning in a random place. Tried it a couple of times, but unsure how to reproduce.


  • I too am curious why we cannot build afterwards? I'm able to sometimes delete pieces of but never build back getting the "You aren't authorized to build here. Just seems odd that finishing the building means we can no longer alter it.

  • All these things are on our list to fix. We're going to tie door deeds to the building deed, and allow going into edit-mode on a building once its done. Will check the fall through world problem.
    Thanks for the report.

  • woops .. should move this to bug reports =) since its now a bug =P

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