Buy without PayPal

  • Is there any way to buy this game without having to use PayPal?

  • Right now there is not. We will soon release Eco to steam, so you should have more options there. But PayPal is a very safe payment provider with good systems for both customers and companies.

  • Ok, thanks. I'll wait for the beta to hit Steam.

    I don't trust PayPal. The amount of phishing scam emails I get claiming to be PayPal is ludicrous. It's another middleman taking their cut too. I can't support that.

  • @Funky-Munky If you really think that straight up giving your credit number or pretty much any other way of paying online is safer than paypal I'd just say that you are wrong. The fact that other people are claiming to be paypal does not affect how safe actual paypal is. Just make a paypal account and add funds there once, without linking your bank account/credit card. There's literally no safer way to buy something online.

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