Working on wiki - Feedback wanted

  • Hi everyone! I've been spending a perhaps inordinate amount of time on the wiki. Since the game mechanics are going to probably change a lot with every release, my goal has been to get the structure and style consistent to be ready for future updates. That way when people want to update info, they can do so within the framework that is already on the page.

    I've also been working on a guide to updating the wiki. See it here:

    To sum up that guide, basically, all items and all skills should have their own page. The wiki should have a focus on "nexus" pages, which are consolidated guides to certain aspects of the game. Many pages should become redirects or contain "See also" references to these nexus pages.

    Examples of item pages (one for each item type):

    Example of skill page:

    Nexus pages (most still incomplete):

    I think that about covers it.

    Any feedback is appreciated. Is there anything that could be done better? Remember, every one of us can edit this. Don't be shy in adding content. It can always be added later and something is almost always better than nothing.

    And if you're wondering why I'm doing this: I'm an unemployed copy editor who loves ECO. Call me anal-retentive, or OCD, or whatever, but I've actually enjoyed building the wiki and trying to get everything "just so". I'll probably slow down on the editing in the new year seeing as things have been pretty much set up.

  • I like what you did so far. Keep the good work up!

  • Are you building the individual skill/item pages by hand? I'd imagine these might be best to populate from a database produced by the releases and then have a template applied to them. I had a mechanism for doing this on the StarMade Wiki that worked out pretty well (though we never got it hooked into the automation for the release) but it would certainly save a lot of hand-editing.

  • Yes, the few that I have done I did by hand.

    I like the idea of automation! Is there a certain Gamepedia extension that can help with this? Where is the database and how do I extract it?

    I'd gladly figure out how to do that. Just point me in the right direction. The idea of updating by hand for every release is daunting.

  • I do not know what options for automation might exist for Gamepedia so I am afraid I can offer no specific advice here. In the work I did for StarMade there was a process by which dev tooling could push data into the wiki server. I do not know if there is something similar for Gamepedia.

  • I would recommend adding the land claim system to the 'getting started' section. Overall amazing work.

  • If that's possible, that would be best. I had hand wrote the food items (raw and cooked) down in the wiki during 4th for a while and it was a pain. I just wanted the 0% efficiency numbers to pull from at least a spreadsheet if not an actual database.

  • I posed the question in the Gamepedia forums. Let's see if anyone responds.

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