Eco Server: Web Server (alpha)

  • what address do you connect to and what address is comming up when you get the 404 error ?

  • Im just running this locally on my desktop for testing purposes at this point.


    Yields 404 - Not Found

    Webserver says started in the server console.

  • ohh try to connect to your server by using localhost instead your local ip ? and then try the law thing again.. if that does not work.. can you post a picture of the first page of your server UI ?

  • Yup Standby.

  • I can play local but not sure if it will work with remote users. Someone want to try and join my game for testing purposes? Send me a PM /Chat/Whatever and I'll give you my IP address.

    Right now I'm trying to build the starter house blue print.

  • Connected via "Localhost" from client still getting 404 when clicking laws. I am wondering if it is because I havent researched civics yet?

    [ModKit] Running
    [StorageManager] 8 data stores active
    [WorldGenerator] Idle
    [NetworkManager] 1705 objects
    [WorldCore] Ticking...
    PlantSim: Ungenerated
    AnimalSim: Ungenerated
    [Stats] Stat types: 118 Time entries: 35
    [Legislation] 0 law(s) active
    [Chat] Running... Logs: 0
    [ViewController] Notifies: 793 Last Notify: New Bind: Partial=False, Controller=DeedItem
    [UserManager] 1 users
    [World Objects] World Objects: 3
    [WebServer] Running...
    [DisastersPlugin] Nice world you got here, would be a shame if something happened to it...

  • ohh can you redownload the server and give it a new try ?

  • Bingo a redownload did it.

  • pewfff started sweating her =P guess your web bin got corrupted then =)
    happy to hear you issue is resolved

  • I have a different problem with the web interface. The web server loads fine, and I can bring up the page, but in the URL there is no username or auth token listed for me, but it didn't ask me to login either.

    When trying to submit a law it fails presumably because there is no user tied to it.

  • you need to click on law via in game .. that generates an address with a temporally token and username that is then used for voting on the law site

  • I had problems with accessing the laws interface too, I had to run the server as admin to get it running locally and had to disable Windows 10 firewall for my external address, as adding the server.exe file to the exceptions did not have any effect.

  • I have been clicking the link in-game. It re-directs me to a page to view the laws but won't let me expand the vote link to view it or vote. It works on other servers but not mine (had to get my server running via Hamachi in the end because even following all setup instructions and port forwarding - my .exe was having none of it). This problem happens to some of the friends I've had connect to my server but not all of them - so I assume my antivirus is blocking it or maybe it's a particular browser that won't load it - Using firefox atm. Will experiment more with it and present any findings I make.

  • @NoBlackThunder said:

    you need to click on law via in game .. that generates an address with a temporally token and username that is then used for voting on the law site

    Thanks NoBlackThunder, it works from in-game just fine. However, I am now struggling with the value of the web interface if it can only be initiated from the game itself.

    I thought the entire purpose of it was so that people who were not in the game could still impact the gameplay.

  • i am very sure this will change .. but you can always leave a feedback about that in the ideas & feedback section of this forum =)

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