Eco 5.1 Dirt Ramp Cart Floating bug ? wheel lift off he ground randomly

  • issue with Cart exiting mine system on ramp it starts to float up in air after while and you cant move the cart when this happens you can empty cart but cant hit it with hammer its just gets stuck there in air.

    screen shoot of floating cart above ramp 20161229230941_1.jpg

    i cant move it or do anything with it also even if its empty i cant use the hammer on it, something about that location is messing everything up.


    One thing i noticed is when that is exit spot form underground to above ground, and the sound is switching form silent to birds and stuff and it seems to glitch out at that time period each and every time but only with the cart.

    removing the ramp makes it drop back to the ground but it rolls forward and then i put a new ramp and new dirt under the ramp and i end up with same problem all over again.

  • You should see my disappointment when I've created a stone road (4 blocks wide) with ramps... which I cannot use properly.

    The carts seem to block in certain spot - certain in this case means the same x/y/z position. (You have to remember the spot, coz this is propably going to last till next update)
    Temporary solution is to get wider road or remove ramps. I have quarry above my settlement so I can take cart with me (in backpack) and place it above so i can ride all he way down there.

    In my case - when I went further away/reconnected carts went invisible.
    I hammered down the ramps and they magically reappeared usable again.

  • @Foolish_Crok

    I notice sometimes if things get are under ramps when you place them or under dirt tiles it causes this problem also but I dug under the dirt on this one could not find anything.

    in past I ran into this issue when i covered up baby trees that i could not cut down with dirt and ramp for example

    iv had the ramps disappear on me i pick them up and they disappear out of my inventory along with the cart sometimes then i log back in and sometimes the cart magically reappear.

    what is weird is that in my case with this ramp it happen right where there is a sound transition , and sound end sup getting glitched at same time the cart starts float.

    iv noticed other sound glitches also like in the skill selection sometimes it glitches out and makes it seem like my speakers going blow out..

    best possible fix for these cart bugs would be allow you to push the cars and move them around even when wheels are off ground. it help for when carts get stuck in silly stuff like going in between tiles or accidentally getting off road during a turn sense the carts turn on curve and the roads are all right angles every time wheel gets lodge between two blocks its big hassle.

    • like above even thought it bugged out i could still push it past the bug out point then and it would fix it self after while.

  • Your sound glitch problem should be reported separately I think.

  • @Foolish_Crok

    yah I am not sure thought if sound glitch falls with the ramp issue also its just weird cuz both happen at exactly sometime constantly .. I do not know if its because I have 5.1 surround sound or what ? - but I have reported it before in past on here. so

  • so I was loading game back in at location of the issue and i noticed a glitch in ground while it was loading the objects into the game to view


    there is a hole in ground sky hole i was able to jump through it...

    and i fell over and over till the ramp and objects loaded in, at which point i removed road again and was faced with dirt but when objects loaded in my cart vanished. disappeared.

  • I move the ramp from that location above over to left away from the brick wall way to the right took few mins to do but that was not successful it seems no matter where i put the ramp the cart starts to float. whole ramp system works fine except I cant get it up past this point..


  • I do not even think its the ramps any more I think its just flat out issue with the carts in general..

    now cart stuck it got suck towards wall and i cant use hammer on it give error when I try to hammer it.

    and it wont move forward or back wards wheels spin and its just stuck and its not even on ramp.

    when i grab and leave go cart flys up in air constantly but its still stuck when it lands on ground it just randomly be stuck in different locations I noticed wheels kind clip into things sometimes like ground or the walls or what ever and anytime it accidentally clips that seems to be when there is issues, and carts seem to always clip inside of objects. even if its just tiny bit into ground.

    anytime cart clips that seems to be what causes you and cart to fly up into air when you leave go of it also when cart wheels go off ground or clip it can cause thing to get stuck.

    it really problematic when trying to go around turns with the thing because all blocks are blocks and cart turns like a semi truck makes taking turns on roads hard due to fact u go off road and thing start clipping into other blocks.


  • Someone on the server I'm playing on right now, Lhamabomb, said to make sure there isn't anything on the sides of the ramp. So I went through all of my ramps and removed the dirt on the sides and it seems to work fine after that!

  • Ihalles - explain sides

    If You have rectangular ramps


    Sides mean that you left only 4 dirts in the center?



  • @Foolish_Crok said:

    Ihalles - explain sides

    If You have rectangular ramps


    Sides mean that you left only 4 dirts in the center?


    go here there pictures of how i kind of do my ramps have not had any issues sense

    expiation below for all issues with the carts and blocks and how get roads and ramps to work right.

    sides as in you do not want any dirt under ramp but also none to the side which can be problematic

    if you build walls near edges of ramp the cart has habit of being pulled to one side or other and end up clipping into the blocks on the side of the ramp

    that is why a lot of people do there ramps side by side to make there ramps wider like i did

    the carts still seem to get weird clipping effect with the new patch. with blocks under the ramp and to the sides of the ramp but it also happens any where you get to close ro any object the cart like sways to that object like a magnet

    you see it happen more often when pushing then pulling also ramps and side walls do not come to gether so there gap in between them that wheel can fall into.

    the whole problem with the carts has to do with the wheels anytime they clip or get pushed into something small it makes the whole cart go wonkie and if cart wheel leave ground even little do to any type glitch you get stuck or if wheel detects something under ramp or block that shouldn't be there.

    for example if you are building a ramp and you need to build it up a level and there tiny baby tree there well you cant cut a baby tree and pick up lumber in a worth while manner you be there all day so lot of time people just bury them underground or if they do cut the tree they wont be able to pick up the lumber and they bury that underground and then build there road or ramp over it this will causes problems also.

    if carts where made so things like this just did not effect them like if wheel gets into anther objects or cart lifts off ground if carts where made so you could still move them no matter what then there be no issues at all.

    but sense carts are so finkie about what they move over every little texture and blocks and object probably have to be looked at to see how they effect a cart when a cart goes over them or near them on every type of surface that you could place on top of that x object and push a cart over.

    for example stone when you drop it below ramp can cause problems due to fact that sometimes they clip through the ramp in certain spots.

    that is why its best just remove every object form under ramp and form sides. but this is also true for any object not just ramps that you want to pass cart over that has been my rule of thumb when building roads and it has worked for me 100%

    if you double wide you roads on ramps and still have issues with the sides then you need to tripple there width because you probably have hard time staying towards center of the ramps and if double wide ramp road is not good for two way traffic you would need 4 wide to be good.

    you can tell when cart is clipping into the ground because you can see the wheels seep into the blocks or the front end when you leave go.

    also when you leave go if the cart is clipping it reset its self above ground at which point you and or the cart will fly up into the air.

    but if you follow rules to make roads and ramps that i listed
    no blocks under or around them.. you will have trouble free issues for most part till cart clips into ground and flys off some where like on top of your building or a tree

  • As I mentioned by accident in the other chat

    The issue happens (at least for me) only, when changing on height between 49 and 50.

    If I place a ramp when my player model is at 49 height and move up that ramp.. it gets stuck inbetween. It doesn't matter if there is just dirt, stone or ores underneath the ramp. they always get stuck. However as mentioned in the other thread. levitating the ramp fixed it for us. Levitating as in removing the blocks underneath the thinest part of the ramp

  • the last patch has made some of the issues I ran into in this happen a lot less for my self anyways but there whole bunch of new problems.

    mostly with the animals and the carts guess ill make new bug ticket for them.

  • @Paddy We need to bump this to the top of the thread. was having this same issue and doing what you said fixed it instantly. Thank you so much. :)

  • @123456789hun

    I still think there issue with wheels clipping through objects and getting stuck at times with things that happen to be blow or just stuck in the blocks.

    the bottom part of ramp is prime example where like if you take rocks in shovel and put them at lowest part of ram they will stick through on the wheels clip also and get stuck on them.

    issue with hollowing out under ramp is that cart will fall through the ground if you leave it on ramp for long periods of time and log off and log back in I sometime seen carts that i left on ramps under ground all of sudden above ground.

    so sometimes i think they clip completely through the ramps and fall to top side of the earth.

  • carts are being worked on =)

  • Had alot of problems and alot of rage quit with this but i seem to solved the problem. I remove the dirt under the ramp leaving just one row with dirt on the top so you can place the ramp so it gets level to where you wanna go. To expliain better: normaly you have 1 2x4 to place a ramp. meaning you have 4 long and 2 wide. Do it as 1 long and 2 wide. The rest one layer down. Then place from a angle so it places as useal. might also work to just dig way all dirt under after you placed the ramp. it might work haven't tryied.
    EDIT: It worked to fix the bugged ramp to remove ALL dirt under the bugged ramp. i had about 5 bugged ramps before and none now.

  • Just to let people know 5.5 had a major rework on carts so when it's stable you should see a difference.

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