Client enhancement: tablet support

  • On the Windows client, I was "stuck" at the splash screen on the Alpha until I realized that mouse input was required to advance the UI. I've ditched my mouse in favor of a Wacom tablet, which is apparently not recognized in Unity by default. Thanks guys!

  • ah weird, it should pick it up as a mouse? Do other apps have problems?

  • To be more clear, I was able to move the cursor around - it's just clicks that weren't registering. Desktop apps all work fine, but granted I haven't tried a lot of game engines. I know Source works with a tablet, though it's a bit awkward.

    Super low priority, but I thought you should know :)

  • mhh i guess the issue is how input is handled . windows has many input types . keyboard , mouse , pen , touch , controller and so on. though who plays with a wacom tabled and a pen ? =P i tired that once .. was horrible XD

  • Appreciate the report, will look at it when we can.

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