Questions about planting trees / farming

  • Greetings, I have 2 questions in regards to plantation.

    Q1: Can someone explain to me how the "Currently Overpopulated!" works exactly?

    I have some Cedar seeds that I want to plant near my house but is says "1 Cedar per 20x20 block (Currently 2 competing plants)

    I assume by "competing plants" it refers to other trees, right?

    The problem is I'm pretty sure there are no other trees in such block. Is it referring to grass? If so, shouldn't the number of competing plants be wayyyy bigger (grass is everywhere)?

    Q2: what is the "projected max yield" and what is the "overall growth rate"? Is it referring to the max logs the tree will eventually produce? Is the Growth rate referring to the speed the tree will grow OR the maximum growth it can reach? (perhaps land occupied by other plants does not allow trees to grow too big?)

  • I do not think over populated does anything because everything is over populated - I think it just means over populated as in how many there are in whole world. but I am not sure.

    I do know right now farm trying to grow anything other then trees just does not seem to work.

    I am wondering if competing plants means just plants in general competing over same water source ?

    i have been experimenting with irrigation - each block has a moisture percentage and that is how much water is in block - each planet needs so much water aka moisture.

    so far I have no been able to get moisture of a block to in cress not even putting dirt block under water and letting it sit there has also failed. so I am not sure how you get water to the planets to the blocks. ?

    digging itch and running water next to block also has failed to in cress it. in my own test anyways. ?

    I think more planets there are the lower moisture in ground areas suppose to be but I have not been able to confirm that ether.?

    this subject i started has same question as you some what i think like i said all planet farming issues comes from water issues I think but I am not sure - but I do know if i cant get moisture level to in-cress in the blocks then I wont be able to farm or plant anything or get anything to grow so anyways this url shows couple of experiments i did I took picture also, there is a developer that was responding to this topic on this url also -

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