Trying to not lose my sh** and actually begin enjoying myself on this game

  • I've tried multiple servers, I never start off with a hatchet like all the guides suggest, I start off with some planning thing that I right click somewhere and it gives me 50yards, then it gives me some note I can't even read.

    I can't kill myself, I've tried, and did get a huge laugh when I tried to drown myself only to find that the only difference water makes, is when you hold space other than that you're free-running along the ground.

    I've wasted over an hour on this game (and $40 USD) and havn't even figured out how to chop down a ******* tree.

    Seriously, I've bought skin packs for terrible games that actually make me feel like the money was better spent than it was here.

    Can someone, for the love of god; tell me how the f**k one gets started when you DON'T start with a hatchet. All getting started guides tell you to begin chopping wood. Good one.

  • Hi Zanderwar.
    I know the pain. The struggle is real, but that game is playable.
    Although the amount of information on wiki is very low in the end I have found a lot of solutions. Most of them by myself because of trial and error.

    From the beggining:
    At the bottom left You have skill points. A big number in small blue square indicates ow many skill points You have acquired. Below that and top to the left bottom You will find nutrition which is the most important mechanic of the game which gives an information what You ate, how much energy You have and how many skillpoints You will earn in a whole real time day.

    To pick an Axe which will give You an ability to chop the tree You have two options:

    1. You pick a skill from Survival tab which is called Logging, thus give You an axe for free.
    2. You ask/find/buy axe from other people in the world.

    Few first skill points spent should be spent on:
    Survival Tab:

    1. Logging (gives an axe)
    2. Laborer (gives a shovel)
      Civics Tab:
    3. Building Construction (gives a hammer which allows to build structures)

    If You have more questions, feel free to find me online.
    I am playing on "ECO Official EU Alpha 5 Test Server" at the moment.

    Best Regards

  • Thank you!

    You summed up everything I needed to know and actually saved Strange Loops a sale lol.

  • What happens when you're "Too hungry to work" and you have no food, and can't use the bow because of hunger?

  • You have to eat something first.
    Because You have no energy You may have difficulty in finding food.

    There are plenty of food that picking up will not require energy use.
    Plants such as:

    • Beet (three beets living off the land)
    • Hackleberry (blackberry on bushes)
    • Fiddlehead (very big leafes)
    • Pear fruit (cacti look like)
    • Corn

    Use default 'use button' which is 'E' on them to pick up a plant.
    Plant will have borders bolded with green line.

  • If you haven't seen this, there may be some answers in here. Unfortunately it might a bit too late:

    I'm working on the wiki but most stuff is still either missing or outdated.

    Like you said, most of us have learned by trial and error. The game mechanics change with every release. Many systems are not properly implemented yet and there are lots of bugs.

    Welcome to Alpha! :)

  • @Zanderwar come play on Steplife server. We have a tutorial town right where you spawn. We'll help you learn how to play.

  • Oh and, don't forget to communicate people. There's probably plenty of people in the chat to help you out, just say Hi, i'm new can someone help me. You're not alone out there! ;)

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