Chunk lost Collision

  • Reporting a rather obnoxious bug I encountered today while playing, which was confirmed as not being a desync issue with the server by the owner of said server.

    During play, a large portion of my house lost the entirety of its collision detection. Basically, you could walk through blocks and when you hit a floor with no detection, you fell through the world.

    I performed the following actions in the last 5 minutes before the issue started:
    Put a windmill on my house
    Tested Mill by making 1 flour
    removed 4 log blocks to gain access to my roof
    Put down 8-9 log blocks as I was building a tower for the windmill

    At this point, the chunk area lost all of its collision. The only action I performed afterword was removing the windmill. I tried to disconnect/Quit Game/Reconnect to check if it was a desync issue. The server owner came over and confirmed he would also fall through the world when walking in the area.

    After about 10 minutes and the server owner replacing several log blocks with mortared stone for the floor, the blocks became walkable again.

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