Tool Smithing

  • For what you need Tool smithing ? Are this tools better then the starting tools you get with the first survival skill ?


  • No, the tools you can craft are the same as those you get at the start.

    There is not much point to do tool smithing at the moment.

    This will probably be changed or balanced later.

  • Hi,

    thx for you answer.

    Another two things we are thinking about on our server. For what you need paper and Tailoring clothes ?

    Have the clothes some positive effects on something or just for the optic at the moment ?

    For what is paper needed ?


  • Tailoring doesn't work at the moment. Tailoring tables don't do anything.

    As far as I can tell, clothing is just for looks (cosmetic). Maybe they will change this, though.

    As for paper, I haven't gotten to that stage yet, but I believe it is needed for tech related to the Town Hall, elections, laws, etc.

  • Paper is used for bookshelves town halls etc. You will need a saw mill to make lumber and pulp, pulp makes paper. You will need smithing to make the ingots needed to make a saw mill.

    Crafting in this game is a bit tedius at the moment.

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