Problem list...

  • Hi.. straight to the point
    I have encountered several problems, need solution please

    1. How do I turn on campfire?
    • got skill level 1, i was able to craft it at the workbench
    • crafted, placed
    • I have put wood logs into fuel tab
      (checked YT guides - and it should lit at this point)
    • when I do so it links a timer just for a mere second . 1 minute 20 seconds. "Campfire turns off" and doesn't work anymore
    • tried to place order (doesn't work) either
    • crafted 2nd campfire
    • doesn't work

    1a. When I removed campfire with hammer, all fuel (wood logs) was lost in the process.

    1. Boards
    • Tried to create boards in workbench
      (it says I need woodworking... but thee is no such a skill)
      I may be blind, but couldn't find such a skill
    • There is a 'carpentry' skill tree, but it doesn't says woodworking in it.
    • I had no time to test it further with adding skillpoints, I may be wrong on this one.

    2a. Ecogamepedia says:
    The board is an item used in both simple crafting and for creating buildings.
    It can be crafted at a Workbench and Carpentry Table for 1 log.

    Pity that it doesn't say that You require somekind of skill to do so
    would be easier if it was filled with more information.

    A lot of things to report in this game, but I think Im patient for that kind of development.
    Please help/report issues if You find those similar to mine.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. As far as i know the only way to turn on a campfire is to cook at it. You need cooking skill in the survival tree to be able to cook basic meat dishes. Hopefully there will be a way to burn campfires at will in the future.

    1a. This is probably not the intended behavior

    1. "Woodworking" should be "Carpentry".

    2a. People are starting to work on the wiki, myself included. There will be better documentation soon!

  • Thanks for replying, but I've got another topics to solve:

    1. Is woodworking part of resarch table or skills tree?
    • I made another attempt to look for it, and I didn't find a way to craft boards
    • I realised there is a resarch table, but I have no time now to check this out.
    1. Killed Elk, Hare (6 animals total)
    • raw meat did not drop
    • only carcass dropped
    • I don't wanna kill all animals because I want to test that out...
    • ???

  • Carpentry (Woodworking) is a researched skill. You need the research table to craft the Carpentry skill book.

    Animals now drop carcasses instead of raw meat. You can cook the carcasses at a campfire to make Charred Meat.

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