Water physics

  • So right now the water works very similar to minecraft, if ur digging a mine and hit a lake the water will flow in but will stop at a certain point rather than flooding ur mine. I was hoping that water in this game might be semi-realistic at some point. Would this be possible?

  • Its too devastating, you can flood a whole world by redirecting a river slightly with that, bogging the server down. We will need to do water a special way.

  • Oh the joys of game design.

  • One thing for water physics I want dearly is for things to be able to float. More specifically, trees that you cut down that accidentally roll into the river. This wouldn't be a horrible that they sink, save for the fact you cant chop a tree underwater.

  • Yes! Actually transport is going to be a major feature, you wont be able to run around with ten tons of wood in your back pocket, youll need to build transport systems and use animal labor and powered machines. In this scenario, floating logs down the river will be an excellent way to transport, and if you position your settlement along the river you get free transportation.

  • @JohnK love the sound of that, my favourite mod in minecraft was a boat/float mod - what your saying sounds very interesting.

  • That addition to the game - sounds incredible @JohnK, I literally cannot wait for that. I will point out though, that I would like to be able to use tools underwater, or develop a way of which we can extract (I guess not logs now as they'll be floating) but ore or other materials from underneath the water surface (without digging a hole from underneath, which undoubtedly with new potential water mechanics may cause even greater problems that it sounds like it would at the moment).

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