New "Getting Started" guide for Alpha 5


    Hopefully this can be a good resource for new players.

    Let me know if there is anything I should add to it or change. You are free to add to it as well if you like.

  • Thanks for updating that old guide =) . Maybe some more tips would be nice .. when it comes to skills what people should use there first 4 skill points at etc. Also are you good at using the wiki ? I changed the link on the main page and removed the alpha 4 specific tag there like you did on the guide

  • Good ideas! I'll make a list of skills sorted by priority and add a section at the bottom for misc "Tips and Tricks". Also I'm going to change the structure of the guide to make food the first priority, since the starting skill point gain is a woefully low 0.8/day. Players need to boost that ASAP.

    I'm no wiki wizard. This is the first wiki I've worked on, but I've already learned a lot about it. Before the wiki starts getting filled out though, it needs templates, especially infobox templates. These are basically tables that will show up on the top right of every page and show the vital stats about the item. There should be different infobox templates for different items (i.e. one for food pages, one for skills, one for furniture, etc.).

    I'll see what I can do in that regard.

  • while you at it. you could also link all items and skills to the other wiki items like these here . its always a good idea to cross link everything so people can look at details for stuff =) Thanks again for helping out with the wiki !

  • Updated the guide with more and better information.

    Yes, best practice will be to turn as many things into links as possible (on first reference at least). But, since we have so few up-to-date pages right now, I will wait before adding these links.

  • I am moving this to community help and pin it ! so its there with all the other guides =) thanks for helping out updating the Wiki. Great work ! hope you keep this up!

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