"Grass" blocks

  • In Alpha 5, blocks with grass are distinct from dirt blocks. Unfortunately, there is no use for grass blocks, since dirt roads and ramps can only be crafted using dirt blocks.

    The result is that grass blocks are piling up in storage. Seems a bit silly.

    I prefer the way it was in Alpha 4, where grass blocks became dirt blocks when dug up. Players should be able to add grass texture to bare dirt blocks another way.

    Or, at least add a way to turn grass blocks into dirt blocks.

  • Grass blocks are actually a bug right now - they shouldn't even be obtainable normally but a few interaction changes have caused them to appear when shoveling.

    This should be fixed in the upcoming release.

  • The hotfixed most recent server has this fixed.

  • New server files released today?
    Will this require another wipe?

  • No wipe. Making the builds now, if they test OK they will be out today.

  • Thanks for fixing this in 0.5.1!

    Dirt-lovers rejoice!

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