Steplife ECO Server is up and running.

  • This post is deleted!

  • We do apologize for the "luck" you are having. If you are who I think you are we went above and beyond trying to get your world working even contacting the devs and getting them to look at your world, unfortunatly somthing you had done within the server had corrupted part of it, instructions were provided which should have gotten around the issue (According to the devs)

    If you feel our service is lacking in anyway please feel free to email me personally and I will have a look at anything we can do to improve.

  • Yeah @Statler I did take a look at your prior save and the property claims for whatever reason were all borked, sorry this ended up in wiping the server :/ We are continuing with more work related to supporting backwards compatibility with saves to where this will no longer happen in the future.

    I will say however that I was quite impressed with the construction quality of the StepLife server, lots of cool buildings and signs with all manner of great info, puts the SLG server to shame :)

    Going forward if you ever have any more corrupted saves issues feel free to email me directly and I can try to debug.

  • It's all good I know it's alpha.
    Thanks, we are working hard to educate new player and grow the player base.
    I'm only frustrated because players are losing their stuff and some may stop playing.

    At this moment my server is in a crash loop and restarting over and over. /sigh.

  • @Metachronism one big help would be the ability to give players X skill points. This would greatly take the edge off the sting of a wipe.

    If I could start all new players with X points that would be even better. I've played for 18 days and I have yet to make it to the 500 skill trees. I know about the /skillpoints option, but we're trying to play legit.

  • there is a /giveskillpoints command

    /giveskillpoints user,points

  • one day this will all be documented...

  • You can go into the PlayerDefaults.cs and give all players different starting items and skills too.

  • @Metachronism holycow that's good to know. I'll spread the word. It's really not the rebuilding that bothers people it's the points imo. I was looking in the file. can i move the Users from one file to another?

    If there are any other tips you have to help migrate players after wipes that would help a lot.

  • @craig.jong wow, ok I'll look into it. thanks.

  • @craig.jong ok I see the file and understand to add items I use
    and skills
    is there a way to give them X skill points when they start?


  • Unfortunately the starting skillpoints are hidden away elsewhere. You could create an item that gives skillpoints when used and give that to your players by default. I'm sure there's an easier way, but I can't think of one right off the top of my head right now.

  • SkillpointItem.cs

    EDIT: Fixed the extra quote.

  • there is one " to much in there .. you have to remove it first before it works btw ! i think @craig-jong was typing this a bit to fast in the old notepad =P

  • ): I'd fix it but I'm on my phone right now. But yea, there is an extra ".

  • I put that file in the mods/player folder and the server wouldn't start.

  • @Statler Did you edit the file to remove the extra " ?

  • No I didn't see it, but I see it now. I'd try it, but I'm not restarting my server. Last time I restarted it wouldn't come back. Evidently something We are doing in the game is causing it to crash on reload. Guess we play to hard. :D

  • Ah I see. Where are you from? I'd like to join some people and test out the game.

  • @Metachronism Is there a place I can upload my save so you can see why it's crashing? We aren't doing anything except playing. Is it possible that pingperfects server isnt' restarting the game correctly? All I did was click restart yesterday after updating our Server name.
    It would crash over and over and never stay up.

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