Steplife ECO Server is up and running.

  • I saw your submission for the ticket. Not sure if it is still up, but they assigned it to someone and he replied it was taken care of and linked it to a thread, that links it back to your thread.
    There was also mention of clients having that issue, and I believe, that the person that worked the ticket attributed it to that, without realizing that every that connects to your server has it only on your server. May want to push back on it. IT was assigned to someone in this thread

  • Bad news for me it appears. Just tried to log in and same issue. Loading objects, then stuck. I even dumped my client. Re-downloaded it and put it in a different folder. No change. Hope they figure it out soon. I have seen it listed as a bug in another thread, dev response said will "fix" in next patch, no eta.

  • I'm at a loss. the thread for the minimap is here

    I've restarted the server several times. I was able to login immediately after the server restarted, but not all the blocks load and I can't do anything.

    fyi, the server is on pingperfect. it's 2 gig memory, SSD. maybe that's not enough power? @Pingperfect

    Day 3 the minimap stooped working.
    Day 11 the server stopped working.
    It's day 13 now and we can't get on.


    1. Wait for a fix?
    2. Restart with all our current books and supreme bear food? (200+ points per day)

  • Ultimately reset or not, I am good. My only suggestion is to back it up, wipe it and if the issues are fixed, then we know the files got corrupted. Is there anyway to save the character data for the core players and just over write them so they can pick up where they left off? Just not certain what abilities your supplier has to aid in troubleshooting, but as small as the game is you should be able to back it up and try a few things.

  • The game auto backs up every 30mins. There are 5 backups. I downloaded the latest one.

    There are no separate player files. it's all in

    Admins can /give items to which is what I did last reset to get the books back.
    Admins can also /skillpoints to get 10,000 points.

    If the core players want to be admins and do that i'm willing to make us all admins.

    I will wipe and restore the backup.

  • I wiped the world and it's working again.

    I tried restoring the backup and it wouldn't let me connect.

    I'm adding the main players as admin. It's up to you if you want to use the options.

    please be very careful with the /level command. It's how I made the long road.

  • Zhama, Diosys and Incendius are admins. If anyone else that plays a lot would like admin please message me.

  • Oh, my. Well thank you Statler! I took off with my wife this morning to run errands, which led to a pokemon hunt. So there is hours of my life gone forever, but she was well and truly happy, so I will be tomorrow, before I can get into the full swing. I will get savy with the commands and do what I can to help. Thanks for the honor and the confidence :)

  • Server has been offline for the last 1-2 hours. Hopefully everything is alright.

  • I just started it back up. I'm gonna upgrade the memory on pingperfect

  • Server is being upgraded to high priority and 4gig of ram

  • The server is down again. I couldn't get back on it. I noticed there was a 5.2 update. I tried to update through pingperfect but their update failed with a 505 message. I've submitted a support ticket @Pingperfect

  • Thanks for the update!

  • I setup a Discord "jY4tUrz"

  • any news?

  • Hehe Eny News? :D

  • I got a reply back from @Pingperfect that the 5.2 update is ready. I installed it 10mins ago and uploaded the backed up with the changes SLG posted , but they server just shows offline. I'm making a support post about it. I'm not having very good luck with pingperfect. It's definetly not a turn key setup. The last 2 updates we've had to wipe because I can't get them to help me get it working.
    Their reinstall option seems to be the only thing that works 100% of the time.

  • I got another replay from pingperfect. They said to reinstall the whole thing and then modify the file the way they say to in the release.

    I did that and now the server is offline. Other then another wipe i'm at a lose. Waiting for another reply, but from what I've seen in the last 2 updates they can never help me get it back up and running.

  • The update methode doesnt work for our server too. And i have full Adminstrator right and RDP rights on our own dedicated windows Server. I upload my crashdump maybe SLG can find an solution.


  • This post is deleted!

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