Alpha 5 playdate

  • Hello fellow ECO-ites.

    So far I've enjoyed some of the quality-of-life improvements and new features of Alpha 5.

    But, with as small a player-base as we have, I only ever encounter 1 or 2 players at a time in a server. And that's problematic when the game relies so heavily on teamwork and specialization.

    So, to explore the full potential of Alpha 5, let's set a playdate! Imagine what we can accomplish if 5, 10 or even more of us all work together at the same time!

    My proposal is to set it for this coming Sunday, December 18th. Yes, it's short notice, but I want to get it in before the holidays. We can have more in January!

    We also need to pick a server. Why not the SLG server?

    So, who's in?

  • Short notice, but I'll try to hop on sometime Sunday!

  • Maybe it's not the best day. I was just trying to gauge interest, and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of it, so maybe some day next year would be better.

    Regardless, I'll be on Sunday and see how many we can get online!

  • I'll try to be online, too

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