FrakReality Server-looking for a team

  • Hey everyone,
    I'd like to invite you to be on my ECO team. It's my understanding that this game is geared towards classrooms. Since that's the case, it makes sense for the game to be tested by a group of people who are in agreement to work together and all start off on the same server.

    I'm looking for some people who would be willing to communicate through this forum or email as we engage in an ECO game. I would like to be able to start a server knowing that I have a list of people who are ready and willing to jump on board and contribute to that particular server.

    If you say yes, I will never get on your case if you don't contribute in world. I have a busy life and know what it's like to not get on my computer for a week. ECO can be pretty slow without a team of people at least communicating about what they're working on though. It would be nice if I had even two or three other people on my server that had told me what they're working on so I can work on something else when I have the chance to get on.
    I'm really laid back, just thought I'd see if there's anyone else also looking for a more consistent team.
    I'm currently running the server with my own hardware. Let me know!


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