BGN Eco Server Alpha 5 | Dedicated [24/7] UPDATED

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    Hi! We are a group of Aussie and NZ gamers that were woefully lacking an awesome Eco server, so we made our own! Hosted in Melbourne, Australia (on our dedicated server machine at a server-hosting place), our server is now monitored 24/7 with active admins ingame.

    We encourage people who are playing on our server to join our Discord server and Facebook page (links below) – however if you’re the quiet type, no need! We would love to have more Aussie gamers joining us on our server.


    Eco Game Server:

    Running Eco since Dec 2015
    Current Version: Alpha 5 (Hot Fixed Version)
    IP Address:
    Meteor: Not right now
    Server: No Mods
    Player Limit: 50
    Eco Law Website:
    Server Specs:

    Intel Xeon 5690 @ 3.5GHz (24 core with Hyper Threading)
    96GB Dedicated RAM DDR3
    2TB SSD
    Network & Internet: 2Gb/s Upload and Download

  • So ah... Just wondering. Is this server still running? I tried joining and failed.

  • Its back up now - sorry for the delay. Im away for another 2 days - if it goes down again try and contact me (or other BGN people) on Discord and it will be resolved faster.

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