Eco-RP Server

  • Hello all,

    Eco-RP is a server based around the concept of role playing: where you do not just play as a player in a server, but as a character with a unique personality that effects the way you interact with other player's characters.

    The scenario of the server is as follows:

    A band of pioneers have pushed forward into the unknown with the hopes of finding plentiful game, rich soil, and a stretch of earth with which to call their own. Immediately they realize however that with every tree they cut, with every doe they slaughter, things begin to change. Sacrifice is necessary for their survival, but it is up to them whether they purge the land of every living thing, or live in harmony with them.

    (Players will be simulating a single large group surviving in a land of endless opportunity, or inevitable destruction)


    • Players will develop a single village and work together to expand it.

    • There is an emphasis on working together: meaning there should not be a "village" for each person. Come together in a spot decided by all, and work from there. In the future they will need to expand (logging camps, mines, ect.), but please continue to strive for a single community, not multiple fractured ones across the entire globe!

    • This is considered a roleplaying server, and it is expected that you try to roleplay a specific character. Don't try to just survive, but instead make the game a great deal more interesting by imagining yourself (or whoever your character is) physically being there, and having to interact with your fellow co-workers/neighbors/office-holders/ect. Having said that you can come join us on Teamspeak (Or Discord if we get one), and chat and work together that way!

    • Please avoid using land claims! It is expected that everyone works together as a single group, and land claims make it harder to simulate that when there are OOC (Out of Character) barriers preventing interaction. However if you are found to be stealing/sabotaging others, you will be removed from the server.

    • On the topic of sabotage, those who choose to enter the server with the mindset of destroying everything, you will be banned with only a single quick warning.


    So please come and check out the server! If all goes well, and everybody is having a good time, the server will remain public. However, if the server begins getting griefers, it will be a white listed server. Please do not let that turn you off of the server, though! If you enjoy role playing, and also love the game that these fantastic developers are creating for us, come check us out!

    Eco-RP has awoken from the darkness of time, and is back up and running! Please check out our Steam group for more information

    Steam Group:

  • Eco-RP is up and running!

  • The first day is over, and already we have five people interested in creating a community! Can't wait to play with you all!

  • I plan on being on the server this evening for those who are interested in joining! I saw we had a few more people on, and I hope to play with you all. I unfortunately had an exam this afternoon :(

  • Sounds fun, I'll see if anyone else at my place wants to join up. 3 of us already working as a group but I'm the only one who has played before (alpha 4 only)

  • Excellent! I'm glad you're interested in the server!

  • As an addition, I should say that the Roleplaying part of the server comes from people simply playing out different roles in a single community, and coming together from time to time at town meetings to discuss things. That's where a lot of the role play will be done :)

    I understand It's difficult at the moment because there is no local chat.

  • Please make sure that, before you come onto the server, you have the most up to date (Dec. 9th) client!

  • The first major project of the village is under way!

    A canal stretching from a mountain water source down to the village!

    Thank you Dake and Cyrus for the help!

    For those of you having trouble getting on the server, or you have questions, please contact me!

  • Do you have a Teamspeak Server or something so that the people can communicate?

  • I use a teamspeak, but I can also get a Discord server up and running. We've been using the in-game chat currently: but I'll see what I can do!

  • Discord server is up. Information is in the description of this page.

  • Update #2:

    The canal project is coming along nicely, and now we've got two large buildings which include a quarry/Kiln (Thank you Cyrus), and a Carpentry/Farming site.

    Thank you for those who have entered the server. If you wished to continue playing on the server please, when you enter the server tell the world you wish to join the server village.

  • Update #3:

    The server continues to grow!

    Thank you Jenn, Meansoap, Mappierce, Kastinioh, and Moose512 for joining Cyrus, Dakeryas and I!

    Now It's time to build, communicate, and make a thriving town.

    (I am sorry to those whose names I missed, there were so many of you!)

  • I intend to focus on transportation, especially a road network for connecting our town to resources and eventually outposts.

  • That'd be wonderful! We will definitely need roads!

    Thank you, and I hope you continue to play on the server :)

  • Thank you for letting me join your server! I really like the game so far, the only issue I have is the choppy graphics...makes my brain go icky with motion sickness...SIGH. I hope they will improve that soon. Anyway, I look forward to playing this new and interesting game with all of you!

    See u all soon,


  • OH! forgot to mention, I love to gather, farm, and build mostly, but am up for helping with whatever needs to be done :)

  • We will definitely need a wee bit of help sometimes, but farming/gathering/cooking is something we desperately need!

    I hope you and your friend enjoy the server!

  • Looks like i'm going to dabble in metallurgy and dive heavily into engineering. Just have to accumulate the ~50 points to get those going.