Access to the game without an account with alpha access?

  • Hello everyone,

    because I haven't got a credit card, I asked a friend that he buy the alpha access of ECO for me. My Question now: Will I be able to play the game with the steam key that my friend get for me or is it not possible because every player in the game need an account with alpha access on the ECO website? If not, what can I do to solve this problem?

    Thanks for answers.

  • Hey there wont be any steam keys until beta .. something that is a while away .. and yes i think you need an eco account anyway to access the game

  • We havent given any steam keys out, so no idea what your friend bought for you, you should probably get your money back! You can back on our website only right now, and yeah everyone needs an account there.

  • Sounds like a tricky situation. Your friend would have to make an account and buy it under his name but that would be for him. Not sure if you could buy one copy as a gift.

  • Did he buy a 2pack? Or 1 copy that he was going to give to you?

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