Alpha 5 Hotfixes

  • @Trainmon So the townhall doesnt actually do anything currently. But to fix your issue if you have access to the server:

    Open TownHall.cs

    and remove line 35

            this.AddComponent(() => new CraftingComponent());

    there are no recipes at the townhall and its crashing looking for them. The intention is that later, the townhall will be where the world leader can craft propertyclaims to sell/assign to players, but thats not ready yet.

  • @hepcatkip is this happening continuously? If so send me your file (

  • I restored a backup So we won't need to css fix right away though I may make the change in case a different player puts it down. @Metachronism that's the server side from the after a player puts a townhall down it crashed all players after they log in for about 30 seconds looks like you know the cause you still want the I still have it?

  • yeah its still useful, it doesn't look like the same crash I was getting when I placed a townhall down myself.

  • ok I'll send it now.
    Also another graphics bug
    Stuff in shovel is loading behind it instead of in it.

  • Brick Chimney Tops are still unusable, as they weigh 40kg but can't be held in the carry slot. Either it has to change from a purple item type to green, or it has to have a weight that's at less than the max inventory weight of 20kg.

  • @Trainmon Easy fix you can do in interim.


    on line 42, remove or change the value


    to like


    Or somesuch.

  • Found another Catch 22, Mechanics Skill Book requires Gears, except Gears are made at a Machine Shop, which requires the Mechanics Skill to craft.

  • @Trainmon Thanks, will get it fixed.

    In the meantime, to fix that you can remove the gear requirement on the mechanics skill book:


    line 55, remove

                new CraftingElement<GearItem>(typeof(BasicResearchEfficiencySkill), 20, 20 * 0.2f, 4),

  • Cement Construction can only be learned to level 3 and it says it's maxed and reinforce concrete roof requires it to be at level 4.

  • Thanks, added a bug (its another easy fix if you delve into the mods folder, I can detail that if you want)

  • I think I can figure it out. Just wanted to report it.

  • Something else that happens is the chat box won't work. it loads with a message like this. it's inconsistant but wanted to report it.


  • When you do your next client hotfix can you please fix the ok button when splitting stacks. right now it does nothing so can't split stacks and the monter choice going to wrong monitor. they are both minor bugs that have been in the game through all the alpha 5 rcs

  • Carts cannot go off road (even just a wheel ) or will be permanently stuck until moved onto the road because of the efficiency being set to 0, dirt ramps with dirt/0 under them cannot be used.- i have not tried to put road under the ramps. (i will test the stone ramp when i get the carts unstuck.) (i have to re log to stamp a dirt road while waiting for the cart to appear )

  • ok so it happens with stone ramps too. but if you change the block under it to something with efficiency set above 0 it will work. the carts seem to make players sink into the ground, when crossing world borders its making the players screen go under ground and making the cart stop on the bottom of the ramps with blocks under them set to 0 efficiency

  • The issues crossing the edge of maps seems to be quite a bit worse on this build vs 4 you could usually tweak you way past it but not really in this revision can we get some love it that regard.

  • i found a way to trigger the (Here is a message sent on chat) bug that hepcakip found.
    if you crash the client (off the server/not a full crash) and reload into the server without closing the game you will not be able to see chat.(you must close the game before chat will show.)
    you can crash the client by using the road tool on a log or object. -also needs fixed

  • the dirt road block crafting time of 1 min is a bit high, when dirt road ramp is only 6 sec.

    ramps are lite objects and you can have large stacks(over 10) of ramps in your inventory slots when you can only have 10 dirt in a stack in the carrying slot

  • A new hotfixed build was pushed, both client and server.

    Server fixes include the various small item tweaks. Chimney weight, and other tech tree progression issues.
    Client fixes include minimap text and phantom character avatar fixes.

    We are still working on the 'everything dies' bug, this seems to be mostly caused by common grass taking over the world. Once that is fixed the official mailer for alpha 5 should go out.

    We will continue fixing bugs, if you come across one that isn't posted, please do so to the github issues list. Thanks.

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