Alpha 5 latest version just downloaded today - Mini Map bug

  • Date 12/02/16
    well got issue with mini map, I reinstalled download client 3 times mini map does not always seem to load correctly mini map.png here pic of what mini map looks like for me

    when i was looking around it seems to be certain biospheres that do not load all time.

  • That's a new one. By any chance did you try exploring the areas that failed to load, to see what was going on there in the world? It looks to me like its everything below sea level that failed to load for some reason. Also, which server was this on?

  • yah they do not appear i just walk over them there fine in first view just not on the mini map.

    I was thinking maybe it was just that server or lag so i downloaded the server tool kit and created my own server and had same issue connecting to a server that was local.

    so issue on public server and same issue running a server on local machine and playing it off internet.

  • I took more screen shoots of areas in first person view that mini map could not load

    20161202161356_1.jpg 20161202161448_1.jpg 20161202161519_1.jpg

  • I think i know what causes it - if you start up server and make world and then regenerate the world it seems to happen. it seems to mess up the mini map only.

  • I completely deleted the world and all its files, re downloaded it, and it still won't load

  • I have been playing around with creating worlds and stuff there issue with this when you make different map sizes also.

    so for example me and my girl friend and my friend Andy and his girl friend along with our friend niles and his son play this we all playing on private server but we do not need such a big world so we change map size to like 35 by 35

    or 40 by 40 or 25 by 25 when we do this it seems like there issues with map generation of planets animals but also with the mini map

  • Thanks for letting us know. With the world-resize bug, is it the same issue as the one you've posted screenshots for (voxel with water over land failing to load), or is it different?

    I am aware of a world-resize bug with the minimap, but this might be something different.

  • yah it is - but it also sometimes population causes issues. like something wont spawn in at all. os you have like a 1k of something 200 of something elese 10 of something and 0 of something at start of game. spawning of stuff seems so random and wierd at times with smaller games specially smaller world gets.

  • @stett

    so last few days what i have been doing is deleting the game world on storage folder for server and then restarting it up with different map sizes from 40, 40 - 45,45 - then 50,50 - 55,55 then 60,60 - 65.65 - 70,70 - 73,73 - 80,80 -- 90,90 - 93,93 - 95,95 - 100. 100

    Odd numbers are real no nos they cause the server to COD when I connect to it.

    anything below 95,95 seems to get kind of messy not just with mini map but with way things are spawned.

    after about the 8th time my mini map completely messed up now no matter what it seems to be stuck/20161205172259_1.jpg

    I have deleted and restarted the game world 4 times to see if mini map would unstick even waited a day see if mini map come up latter on.

    seems i broke my mini map for ever. ?

    I also think there might be some type of memory leak.. - the game seems to get choppy bogged down over time , but restarting client fixes this.

  • @midn8t new client should fix the minimap

    Memory issue is a gnarly one - its not as bad as its been in the past but it still needs a lot of work. Lowering your view distance will help a lot.

  • Since Alpha 5 I have not been able to successfully display the map in game at all. Even deleting the entire client and server folders did not help.

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