Feedback around purchasing game.

  • So I am grateful the issue I had was sorted but from the impression I was left with - by purchasing the 4-pack you all received all benefits including the dev chat and dev tags. I didn't realise any different before this. Now maybe I should have read it more clearly, I dunno. I'm not mad - I'm happy that I can access the game and am very excited to play it. However, I would like to point out as feedback it would be nice if you stated in the purchase description that only the host of the 4-pack will receive the dev chat and dev tag features as I was not aware of this and the two other people I personally rallied to buy the game from my friend were under the impression they would also receive it because I missold the game based on my impression of what I thought all of us would receive. I doubt they'll be annoyed by the lack of those two features either and again, excited for the game - greatly appreciate the help from John, Jeff and NoBlackThunder but I would like the description updated to make it clearer to those buying that only the host receives those particular features.

  • Hey DNLinkman, sorry about the confusion, yep we'll update our descriptions as I can see how that would be unclear. We're hoping to limit the dev and forum tiers which is the reason we sell them individually. Thanks for writing.

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