Server Hosting Details/Guide

  • Im going to go ahead and say it: usually with alpha releases, there are always some issues when trying to host.

    What works for one, may not work for others. Even then we will likely experience disconnects and port issues as development continues.

    So... in light of this fact, lets start work on the server hosting guide early... Please feel free to add info and Ill update the thread.

    supposed config file contents

    At this point lets assume there is a separate executable for server hosting, and that it doesnt have a gui, instead requiring a text file for configuration.

    • Server name
    • Port to be used
    • Player slots
    • Admin whitelist
    • Admin password
    • MOTD

    port forwarding

    Port forwarding is something we usually need to do so

    • Ports required
    How to port forward

    firewall configuration

    Firewalls could be a potential snag

    • Allowing apps through windows firewall

    configure a teamspeak server

    Most community servers will want a TeamSpeak (TS) server also

    Short Win guide
    • Ports required for forwarding
    • Linux guide?
    • Moderation?

  • @NoBlackThunder Sigh. Didnt see the guide in the support section. Perhaps a link to it in the server board? Feel free to destroy my thread XD

  • yea well i think this section here is anyway just for people hosting actully =P and my guide is more nice with pictures mwuhahah but could do a link you you feel it to me more natrual to have a setup guide here ? still want me to delete or guide or do you want to work on your own guide ?

  • A link to your guide in support would be handy to have in the server board I think.

    I had bugger all information, was only theory. Yours at least has the ports required and screens! Maybe update yours to include links on portforwarding, otherwise happy for this to be disappeared.

  • If you have any good guide for portforwarding i add it happily. :-)

  • While I don't have a picture guide, I can explain port-forwarding through firewalls, and Routers some routers any ways.

  • @Moderators This thread should be locked/deleted.

    There was another guide posting in the support forum. THe basic walkthrough for port forwarding was linked in the thread itself on "How to port forward" using's walkthrough.

  • woobs yea totally forgot after forum issues =) closing now and adding that web address to my guide =P

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