Fell through world now stuck.

  • Sometimes when I walk out of the house I have built I fall through the world and get stuck. It happened today and after trying everything I could I finally went to work. When I came home the opening of the game was me falling through the world and then landing back its surface exactly outside of my doorway. I then went on a scavenging trip and during that fell through the world and back onto the surface again. Got home put some things in storage and was trying to go outside again when i fell and got stuck under the surface again. I cant dig myself out or chop myself out I am stuck in this glitched out spot. I can access my chest somehow and it seems to pull out random things and I can put them back in. Need help.

  • Update: Clearly server side issue as disconnecting and/or quitting entirely does not remedy this.

    Maybe creating a ~ command prompt to reset character in future update would be a good idea.

  • Have you tried using the /unstuck command? Just throwing it out as an idea since I don't see you mention that you have tried using the command.

  • @perry Yup that did it. Thanks. Is there a list of commands anywhere on the forums?

  • Type /help in chat and it should reveal some of the commands available, or check this article on the wiki pages.

    There is one more command that I know of that isn't listed there,
    "/unrestrict" this makes the weight limit go away in the current Alpha 5 RC version available in this post:

    Most of these commands are only available for world admins, except for the player and unstuck command which should be globally available.

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