Alpha 5 slg server Tree bugs

  • Cant cut certain trees, mostly birch.

    a lot of the trees i chop down are near impossible to chop into collectable pieces. Also
    the plants cover the tree so much it makes it harder.

    Picking up logs is harder than 4.2


    I believe the issue is posted already but if it's different then feel free to add to that one or add a new issue. Hopefully it's fixed before official release of alpha 5!

  • its different not even getting a inv full message (or any message) ,
    I just cant seem to certain things to certain trees, sometimes i get half way along cutting a tree into usable pieces and then it just wont let me cut it any more.

    Sometimes it wont let me fell it and most of the times the logs highlighted and green but i cant pick it up no message just acts as if there is no log there)

    The massive amounts of plants that were on the test server were in the way many times as well. over 11% of that server was wheat, could be causing some of the issues with several layers of wheat in the way

  • This is a targeting issue - the game thinks you are targeting a plant nearby and not the tree.

    I am fixing it, it's one of the last must fix issues before alpha 5.

    You can try lookin up at the tree as you chop, or remove the plants nearby with a scythe, in the meantime

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