• Well.. since we are all waiting for the alpha to come out...

    I play a game called Factorio. If you like the logic/production sim type games - its amazing.
    Comes with a free demo, currently in Alpha, however has very active dev and good polish already.

    Be warned though - expect to lose hours... no days perfecting this game...

  • Anyone interested in Factorio, should also check out FortressCraft Evolved - Focuses on logistics automation and power distribution, all the while stripping the world of natural resources :P

  • i dont like fortrest craft =( its way to messy in every point ..

  • It can be messy. But that depends on how neat the user is.

    I find this game is messy, because I am a messy person and leave soil everywhere.

  • i was thinking more of the UI etc .. the game is a tottal mess on that part ;)

  • Indeed. There are many more superior systems for UI, I can't disagree, but getting any dev to listen can sometimes be a little bit harder.

    And I guess with any dev work, it is a matter of the dev's priority. Whether or not we agree with their priorities is another question.

    Ultimately, we are at the mercy of the developers, as they are the ones in control of the dev cycle, even if that means self-destruction of the work.

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