• Okay. Might be hard but I guess this is it:
    You & probably alot of other people research to get to be able to see the environment. In something like this1475537626697-image00.png
    But in-game. Of course not with all of the details on the side, and top.
    And once you do it 3 or more times, you get an average on the side. (Of changes) like how much the grass has shifted etc.. And all the players are allowed to see it. To find out where is the best place for Hunting Deer, and hunting Wolves, Farming, And where to get Wheat. Oh also I guess the thing I showed isn't available to use... With just seeing the word tick I guess it is for pure Developers (Not even backers) But if it isn't please notify me. Also if it isn't plz release lol. That is all.

  • (I hope ya'll liked it!)
    Also it's possible for Modders to add it I guess I don't really know though.