Upgraded from Basic Tier to Two Pack

  • I purchased this game a few days ago and upgraded to the two pack for my fiance to play. That was over an hour ago that I made a payment and still no game key. I am patient and understand that there may be some issue with automatically issuing out the game key (I believe I saw a comment on a similar, but not the same kind of post).

    Is there a way to expedite this? My ole' lady is getting impatient haha.

  • Hey Sorry to hear that! I have seen this issue a few times .. it seems to be an communication issue with paypal. If you send a mail to Support@strangeloopgames.com then you get help as fast as they can ;)

  • Thanks for the quick response. I actually sent an email about 30 minutes before posting this. I didn't know what their work hours were, so I wanted to get as quick of a response as possible. I will try to reply back when the issue has been resolved so others in the future can have an idea of the time frame it takes to be resolved.

  • Super fast and super happy with the quick response from the team. Everything has been fixed and took a total of MAYBE 2 hours. Thanks for your hard work!

  • good to hear you happy and everything has been resolved =D