Current Preformace of Eco

  • What is the current performance of Eco as far as resolution, anti-aialising, fps etc?
    On what hardware has Eco been run and tested on?

  • Yes, hardware specs would be good to know, I only run a laptop at the moment. A decent one, separate graphics card and the like, but not technically classified as a 'gaming' laptop. Be interesting to see how it copes :)

  • I do most of my development on a 1.6GHz i5 with an some crappy Intel Integrated card. It can run the client and a moderately sized server (1km^2) on the same box without many performance issues.

    The biggest client side perf hit depends on view distance.

  • Oh, that doesn't sound bad at all. o.o..

  • Wow I wonder what the performance will be with my rig, that is impressive! Does it multicore well? Ie i have a hexacore processor but most games only use 1-2 cores :( Will Eco take advantage of that or will that not really impact performance.

    Also what about 4K, has there been any testing on that? Does the game support a resolution that high?

  • The server utilizes threaded a lot, so it will definitely use every core you have.

    The client is a little different, since a lot is controlled by Unity and we don't have a lot of options to use them all to speed up some things. Resolution wise I imagine we'll support anything really.

  • Well that's good about the server, there are several other games out there who try to simulate all the AI, and well. everything. On one thread, or sometimes two and it works for a while until you have 40+ people on the server then it slows to a crawl.

    Also, since you guys are even going a step further with all the simulations of the animals and plants its a good thing you took the time to do threads right off the bat. :P

  • I seen something about the using this in the class rooms.
    For that purpose I suspect it may be important for the client to run on even lower hardware requirements. Could there be a graphics setting to use extra low poly models etc?

    I will probably do most of my play testing on a 1.7gz i3 with 4GB ram.
    any idea if it would run on those fanless mobile processors that they put in the $200 laptops (Atom or Core M), if i was getting laptops for a school that's probably what i would get.

  • Yeah definitely, we'll need to be able to scale down pretty low, and I think we can do that without a lot of trouble, turn down the draw distance and reduce the mesh resolution. And yeah as we scale up the server and get more people in we'll have to make some fundamental changes, which is why 'server scaled up' is currently a stretch goal. 'Improbable' has been courting us, and that might be a viable option.

    One fun fact is that we have a mode to run the server in fast forward, so you can see the results of the simulation after 2 weeks in a few minutes time, so we want to keep the base simulation as performant as possible.

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