Questions that I can't find answers for

  • Hi there,

    I joined a couple of days ago and allready I'm loving the game ! (Wich is good offcourse)
    But I have some questions for the people and or developers

    • Do leaves grow back on trees when you cut them down to get seeds ?
    • I get an error when I have 4 working tables (boomery, firepit, workbench, and my chest) and when I try to add my farmers table I can't acces my chest, it gives the error that I have 4 working tables in my house and can't add more? What causes this ? or how to fix this ?
    • If you carry like wood, and you accidently rightclick on a working table you loose the wood ? It doesn't add to the supply area of that table, or can I find it somewhere ?

    Thank you for allready being able or try to help me out here :)

  • might depend on the version you are playing. my information is for 4.2

    Not sure about the leaves i always cut some down and forget for testing to look again XD

    you can only have 2 stations in each room. any more and it will disable the rest. chests although say only 2 infact do not count as a station and you can have as many in a room as you want.

    when you right click on a station while carrying an item it will go into the stations inventory. sometimes when building and to close to a chest or station you will accidentally place the wood inside the station or chest instead of placing it in the world. you can also pick items up out of a chest or station inventory if you left click with the correct tool and it is the first item of that type in the inventory. hitting the station or chest with the tool.

    you can open a chest or station with E and then move the window and press TAB then open another chest or station with E and drag and drop items for convenience. also shift + tab to split stacks.

    hope this is all usefull information to you!

  • so if I build a room on top of my house, then there I can build 2 other stations ?

  • Yes it would. You can also add another room on the side as well.

  • In terms of leaves what I noticed is that they do grow. On adult grown trees seems to be fine. On growing trees if you take down leaves it does mature slower.

    At least that's the intended behavior far I read.

  • Leaves should grow back, if they don't, its a bug please post it. We want to extend trees further at some point to support fruit trees, which would be harvested in a similar fashion.

  • OK thank you very much people !!
    Oh and Pan7 I'm on the server where you are on also :) But there were some disagreements about voting ? :s
    Hope it'll all be sorted out soon

    And WOW I got an admin reply :)

  • Tested in 4.2 the back growing of the leafs, with that is all right, only problem is only 5 % from the community know that you can grow this way new trees. And i found it only because i have seen it in a video on youtube that someone get some seeds that way.

    I think the community, we, need to make somethink like a small tutorial for first players to read to get the most knowable stuff into them that they not kill all the worlds every time.

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