Current Alpha 5 Test Build [PC client only]

  • @GeneralZOCK Should be early this coming week.

  • @Metachronism

    That are really good news =)

  • First and foremost love the new skill tree and how it stops the weird chokehold the 5.3 version had. Showing more info before you invest in a tree or recipe also is a livesaver for people planning ahead. I'm also interested in trying out some of the new objects like the windmill and waterwheel.

    On the other hand, there are some serious problems that emerged in resource gathering and ecosystem simulation. I can't gather nearly any plants besides wheat and grass with a scythe, 3/4 the time I can't even get a highlight on the plants, so I'm not able to test out agriculture or cooking research trees. Wood gathering is also much harder in that logs can get stuck to the ground like glue where some chunk of it is near unreachable to chop (visible but registers as below block level compared to the grass around it). Animal and plant populations die off crazy fast all by themselves. The server I'm on currently has 1 bison and 1 turkey, and total less than 100 animals (including a 1 of 0 fox that can do a crazy mean moonwalk), compared to well over 1k total when it started.

    All in all I think the skill tree and item updates are cool, but it's a big step back in block by block interaction with the world (if 5.3 was an 8/10 in this regard, this build is a 4/10), and animal populations need some tweaking that they don't start dropping like flies after a server starts.

  • @perry I will fix this issue with the kiln. Easy fix.

  • @Metachronism Kind of fixed it on my own the other day, just edited the source for the kiln and removed some of the requirements for it. Not sure how I'm supposed to make a chimney before I can make bricks so I removed that part of the requirement.

  • Build updated, RC2.

  • Few more fixes coming by end of day -

    • fixing camas harvesting (use shovel)
    • fixing wood and powered cart crash (client DC) when placing
    • misc tech tree tweaks

  • @Metachronism

    So RC2 tells us that you are even more close towards release ? =D
    Sry if i annoy u with the question :/

  • @GeneralZOCK This build is almost there. We are somewhat confident that fixes won't cause world wipes, so you should be able to start now if you want...

    Another day or two of solid testing and it will be official...

  • Got latest build. Small Bugs We found so far
    When a tree falls the branches can sometimes not be targetable.
    Downed trees cannot be moved amplifying branch bug above.
    Camas is great but there is a new bush that isn't harvestable.. bush.png

  • People and animals are popping in and out of vision. like there draw distance is way shorter.
    We have also had crashes gathering turkeys. but was not able to get specific error yet.

  • can you link the specific error with turkeys? all logs are in the Dump folder. I did a small patch, so try getting the server again too it should fix the turkey thing.

  • It was a player getting them not me so I'll try to get them for you.

  • server saves DC logs from players too, so if you have access to the server, they are there.

  • BoxColliders does not support negative scale or size.
    The effective box size has been forced positive and is likely to give unexpected collision geometry.
    If you absolutely need to use negative scaling you can use the convex MeshCollider. Scene hierarchy path "PlayerClient/Turkey/Turkey(Clone)/center/Bip001/Bip001 Pelvis/Bip001 Spine/Bip001 Neck"

    (Filename: Line: 0)
    I can't upload the log it's to large if you want his dump log I'll send it to you.

  • I am also having major Death on plant and animals after a few hours. I understand this was also a alpha 4 problem but I'm worried that there will not be animals to hunt at all soon extintion should have some human cause not just everything dying.

  • Shift clicking to split stacks it not letting you hit the ok button.

  • @hepcatkip those stats are wrong and have not been updated since the move from alpha 4, I will add a bug. If you look at your server home page, you can view all the ecosystem data using the 3d map, which should give you a better idea of if animals are actually dying off.

  • Yeah there is some major Death happening

  • Wierd, my server isn't experiencing the same dramatic dropoff - can you send me the from your server? To

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