Edit Meteor impact timer after server is started

  • How can i reset the timer of meteor impact after i started the server already? Without regeneration would be best ;)

  • If it's on your own computer you can change it at any time without restart or regeneration. For ping perfect their meteor text file does not work. Regenerated or not. I had to bug them a whole bunch until they finally tried something for me and it worked and I didn't need to regenerate. If You use ping perfect send them a ticket about it. If it's another host I am not sure but should be able to do the same

  • This being for 4.2 I don't know about 5

  • It's running on pingperfect. did you tried to edit the file manualy?

  • i downloaded the file and copy/pasted the code from ECOserver software. this entry i edited. stopped server, deleted file, uploaded file and finaly started server again. Now its updated like i want it to have.

    "$id": "1",
    "CreateMeteor": true,
    "MeteorImpactDays": 45.0

    Server Graphs

  • Yeah I edited it manual so many times. Stopped it restarted it. Regenerated it. Not like you did though where i downloaded and copy and paste. Ping perfect told me it's on their end. If you got it to work that way though that's awesome!

  • yep actually i just managed to update the timer... meteor isnt showing up at all ^^. so only 50% of my solution is working ;D

  • FYI, this is not "on our end". editing the text file just doesn't update the meteor within the game for some reason and has been resolved by the game devs for Alpha 5. The solution if you are using our hosting is to put in a ticket and we MAY be able to sort it out by changing the setting in the gui, regenerating the world then overwriting the world with a copy of your world but this is not a guaranteed fix.

  • My bad. It was just the words one of your associates used. It was not made to be an insult. Was just parroting like I said. You guys do great work. Keep it up!

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