DewyHills - 18+ light roleplay server

  • If you're looking for a mature 18+, light roleplay server+community and want to start playing with a serious and grief-free group of people from the very beginning feel free to join us! I'm a dev tier backer and I have been testing some pre-alpha server builds on our server so we'll hopefully be able to have the server up and running right at the alpha launch.

    To give you a little more information about us here's a quote from our front page:
    The goal with this community is to provide a fun and mature dedicated server for like-minded people who would like to collaborate (and probably argue with each other a bit now and then) and work together in this upcoming ecocentric survival game. We will be aiming for a light roleplaying approach where the players are encouraged to play the game in a way that they would find viable for their in-game character. Which means that the main focus will not be to “beat the game” or trying to abuse different game mechanics. Instead we will focus on a fun and dynamic way of playing where people are encouraged to create interesting in-game characters with individual goals and opinions. Though we will need to see what the game will look like before anything can be planned in detail.

    If you want to read more our join us on the server just head over to our website:

    IMPORTANT! If you decide to join us make sure you apply for our whitelist, for being able to enter our server at launch:

  • yup im in!!

  • A group of thespians in an online game this is an interesting twist. I would be interested to a point. However, I always like to try to exploit game mechanics as well. I guess I could play as a Rogue or some other mysterious type. Would we roll-stats or use a DnD rule book to base our characters from? Maybe I would be a Ferengie from STNG.

  • How about we don't set out characters but we just learn the game and that creates our character and define how we play? Maybe? Anyone?

  • @NaturesAdvocate At this very early point I think we just have to focus on trying out the alpha and help the devs handle bugs as well as getting used to the basic mechanics of the game. :) And we're looking towards a more dynamic and free approach in the lines of what @Firestar000 mentioned. Although it would probably be possible to expand into multiple servers later on with different mechanics, mods and rules.

  • @jimutt COMPLETELY AGREEEEEEEEE!!! 2362071-397772-illustration-of-yeah-on-white-background.jpg

  • This sounds interesting!

  • It's up and running currently without a white-list. this will change in the future but for now jump on and play

  • I cant join the server anymore, not on the whitelist, i registerd yesterday on the site but I didn't received an email so I can confirm my account, pls add me?

  • Same - this worked yesterday. No more today. What do you need to whitelist?

  • you need to register on their site but I didn't received a mail :( did it yesterday and me and some friends played on the server and it is one of the best servers online.

  • The server is up and running now.
    @LincDk Please apply to the whitelist here if you haven't:
    @skinnytar The email confirmation use to be working, it might be possible that you've entered your email incorrectly. I've deleted your account old now, please try to register for a new one. Otherwise I'll try to activate it manually for you if it won't work this time neither. I've also added you manually to the whitelist with the username "skinnytar". So you should be able to join the server now. :)

    Concerning server instability it's mainly due to the current unstable alpha build. It seems to be running quite well now though. We're doing our best to keep it up and available! :)

  • okay, thanks for that buddy!
    any idea how long the queue for the whitelist is?

  • Updated the server for the new patch.