Noob question about wood carts

  • I have some issues with moving them arround after a while the carts are jumping arround when i going outside the "driving mode". I know thats a know issue, my problem is that some of my carts now flyed in the water and in my mine, can i somehow pick the carts up. That i have them again in my inventory.
    Tryed the most for me knowing thinks like hammer, axe, wood axe. Maybe you know how, or maybe its not even possible.

  • currently not possible.

    gotta treat carts like newborns and even then rescue missions eventually will be inevitable :)
    until they fix / improve the cart issues.

  • maybe you can answer me a another question to? how long it takes that a tree grows full up? Waiting now 2 real days, and they even have the size from 4 blocks high.

  • iirc in 4.2 that was 5 days (realtime). i havent observed/played long enough since any alpha 5 version to know about changes. im just gonna assume that there have no changes been done to that.

  • @panisch they were doing tests with physics I think?

    Possibly some improvements on that area because it's too easy to just end up in space for approaching a cart xD

  • in 4.2 you can pull a cart on the bottom of water just like land. can make ramps out of the water for it maybe? it is very wild sometimes. in 4.2 usually once i have ramps and roads all over it is very easy to recover. i also like to build walls on my roads where it could fall off so if it ever did fall it is in an area that i can recover it from easily. Perhaps they changed cart physics in 5 i'm not sure because they do not fly away on me when i walk close on 4 although when letting go sometimes it does jump pretty wild. or sometimes will roll by itself and is gone which is why i build walls on all my roads. definitely needs to be worked on a bit but those are just my tips/experiences with a cart and hopefully will help you in the future manage your cart :)

  • In alpha 5 you can empty the wood carts and 'break' them down into your inventory with a hammer just make sure to empty them or it won't let you!

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