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    We need to be able to drop items from our hands and inventory. We can do it in real life, why not in Eco? You don't have to make them disappear, rather make them land on the ground like litter in real life. Other people could then walk by and pick it up. Either way, if I want to pick up a shovel of Iron ore but on the way to the cart I see an Elk and need the meat more, I should be able to just drop whatever... Okay, so the shovel of ore is a bad example, how about I have too many ferns or whatever... There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to drop them.

  • i guess a reply from the devs would be very appreciated here. :)
    i'm very intested in this, too.

  • Will probably be featured in the following alpa's ; same for item splits. The UI is in place but it just doesn't work.
    Easy solution for your problem: bring boxes 24/7 and loads of them and just put all the stacks in boxes. My eco breakfast: eat a pie, eat a sausage, craft 10 boxes. :D

    You sort of need to make priorities as well; or you collect ore or you hunt elk i mean... Ore doesn't add weight (yet? - anything in your hand - even tools) so in the first place you shouldn't be able to get the carcass and the arrows anyway because they are too heavy already (so you could potentially carry less ore - which is the thing you came for in the first place) . Even if you have arrows/bow with you, you can just drop of the items in the nearest storage box you've put down to assist in mining. You'll be able to get a stack of 10 instead of doing 1 by 1's all the time, much easier and faster. Then carry them to your cart (which should be next to the box - extend the road! You can open two inventories and put all the items from the box into the cart instead of doing it by hand).

    Also; if your inventory is full of trash (deeds, dirt, seeds,...), just dig a bunker underneath your house (dig deep and create small rooms) and put chests in there. Just dump your stuff in there. I've created walk-in bunkers and drive-in bunkers so far - it's not that hard. They both were for taillings so you will have to carry these quite a lot. So a 'drop everything' feature isn't really necessary at the moment but it's needed in the future indeed, especially for people to pick things up - but then again you can use boxes and unclaimed land to 'drop things'.

  • Howdy! Dropping items on the ground is kind of tricky . In minecraft you can drop items and they despawn. in eco that would not go because some items should have a bad effects on the environment when doing that and not despawn at all. So there is sort of a design challenge here. But i poke john again and her it what he says =)
    dropping items.PNG

  • I have been having an issue with my cart bugging out and getting stuck, so I empty it, pick it up, and replace it. Do this seems to puts a deed in my inventory. I am now on my second chest devoted to this duplication. I understand how deeds for multiple carts would be useful. However, having only ever made one cart I really wish there was a simply way to junk items.

  • @lordarchey This is an known bug.
    They are aware of the issues with carts and excess deeds.

  • That's good to hear. Thanks. That is what got me searching for a way to junk my items. Was hoping there was a way to burn organic material or something.

  • Started a new Game 2 hours ago walking around gathering materials and searching for a place to build. Now my chest has been made waiting to be picked up in the workbench but my inventory is full.

    Is this Cant-Drop-Items-Bug still in the game after several years? Very annoying. Now i can delete the whole world and start up again?

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