Quite Upset

  • I did not have a paypal account so i purchased a copy of this game with my debit card. after playing the game i realized it was not what i wanted and wanted a refund. because my purchase was not linked to a paypal account i canot get a refund. can anyone here in the dev team help me?

  • How come you do not like Eco? It is very early development and you will get all future versions free including Steam key. if you are playing alpha 5 I would recommend 4.2 as it is pretty playable. Come join me :) otherwise I hope you get what you are looking for!

  • Sorry you are not enjoying the game, I do recall lots of warning about it being an unfinished early access game before I purchased it tho, so I guess I understood the risk I was taking when I donated my money to help develop this amazing idea of a game.

  • i think payments still go via paypal just without an account so you should in theories be able to get a refund did you mail support@strangeloopgames.com? Will takes care of refunds i am pretty sure he will be happy to help you .

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