bug with Deeds Alpha 5 version 3

  • running server had issue with time getting stuck at 8 am reset the server with new time scale which fixed issue then latter in day every ones Deeds became worth less.

  • all servers running alpha 5v3 seem to be stuck at 8am, it's just bugged atm.

  • yah I figured out reason the timescale is set by default to zero when the server so if server owner changes it back to 1 it will makes server time start to go again.

  • Tried this but kept giving my friend and I issues so I had to shut it off, i assume it's defaulted to off right now because it's causing issues.

  • the default setting is 0 which is pause

    there is two settings the Sim speed setting called timmult and then timedayscale u want timedayscale to be 1

  • I did that, it kept causing issues as I said. Our carts became unusable and the deeds disappeared, and he was having connection problems after a few minutes, changing the value back to 0 fixed all the problems we experienced during the change.

  • yah deed land mark that issue with 4.3 as time progress it just forgets everything

    we have it set to 1 and we dont use deeds pretty much on our server.

    it is a give take ether time stands still or you deal with the deed bug lol

    best way to deal with the deed issue is to just give the players there flag makers back as admin

    you do this via give command /give property #numberofmarkersneeded

    so on my server i gave every one back there 40 markers that where lost.

    you can also just pick up the cart that u lost deed for with the hammer use command /dump it dump everything in ur back pack so put stuff u want to keep in storage then use command /give woodcartitem

    it give you a new cart and then u get a new deed replace the old one.

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