Australian Eco Alpha Server - AUS [CEGL] Perth WA

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    We're Moving House!

    Exciting news : [CEGL] is joining forces with Binary Sword!

    What this means right now, is that the [CEGL] Eco server will cease and players should join the Binary Sword server.

    The general consensus from CEGL players was that the server was suffering from environmental neglect and we needed to restart anyway (Thanks @Zenita for your excess smelting :P )

    So please head over to the Binary Sword thread

    Join their Discord community also and participate in a new, exciting Eco world!

    This is not a goodbye, just a pooling of resources to try and make the best Australian Eco community we can, we will see you online soon!


  • Hey, I am getting connection failed when i attempt to connect ....

  • @Major-B-Sharp Haven't seen him online since last night so he probably hasn't got it up atm. Plus he hasn't posted a port for us yet. :)

  • Hey guys!

    Sorry was online as long as I could this morning and had a mega day at the office.

    Server should be coming online now, please notify me if you have issues. Use the standard port 3000

    The forum is strangely running very slow, hope its not just me.


  • Instead of teamspeak we are now using discord which is new to me.
    Have updated main post with relevant link.

    If you notice issues with the server or it has crashed, let me know in the discord text channel "server issues"


  • Just moving server, outage to last another 5 minutes or so

  • Server maintenance complete.

  • pyhfol,
    I would love to join if you would have me.

  • By all means, it is an open server! Introduce yourself on the discord chat :)

  • Ok so a few people are worried that the server is rapidly approaching death (in terms of the environment) so I did a strawpoll to see what the general opinion is:

  • Server down for maintenance. Back in 30 minutes
    Taking longer than expected.

    Downtime extended to 60 minutes

  • Sorry all, bloody M$ updates, always take much longer than you expect. Should be operational fairly soon.

    In the mean time, if you are a new player, please hit up the Discord chat and also vote on the status of the server in the strawpoll above.


  • Server is coming online now.
    Thanks everyone for patience.

  • Is the Law system working for anyone?
    also where can we go to view the server statistical information (animal populations, etc.)?

    thank you very much for an Australian server!

  • Your very welcome.

    Law system is experiencing some bugs. Ill try and focus on them tonight.

    In terms of server stats and what not, I havent yet seen an example of this but I was hoping for it. Have you seen similar on another server? Send me some details and Ill look into it.


  • Thank you working above and beyond.

    in terms of the server stats, I haven't played on any other servers I just remember all the reading all the graphical stats it could show in kickstarter updates.
    Sorry I can't be more helpful. if I get a chance I might check out some other servers to see what they have going on in this area.

  • Ah ok,

    I can see a bunch of stats in the server GUI, but exporting them may be a challenge, ill follow up.

    In terms of showing these stats ingame - I think this is yet to come

  • My only concern is that these stats are meant to be the guiding principle in how we as users create laws.
    without them the law system will be based wholly on user speculation with no facts.

  • @soulless_one Yeah unfortunately, being an alpha, some things just don't want to work properly at the moment :)

  • Bump, thread updated with important info