Wood Fence 4.2

  • So i know you can build wood fence but i can't ever seem to be able to find it. It's not in my carpentry table where i think it should be. i have high enough wood working, level 2. I checked inside the workbench, carpentry table, wainwright, quarry, farmers table, multiple times. Any one know where to look or what to do?

  • I don't recall ever seeing it in 4.2. I vaguely recalling it in a5p3 last night. At work right now so can't check.

  • I think i figured it out. I need a sawmill which is level 3. Got one coming so we will see!

  • Hrmm OK.

  • Yup found it! Need Sawmill Module. So weird though as the fence unlocks at level 2 woodworking and you would need level 2 smithing, plus level 1 efficiency for smithing, and level 3 woodworking just to build a wood fence :P

    Oh well alpha. anyway I got it. Thanks for the quick reply!

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