Alpha 5, prerelease 3 bugs and feedback

  • @pan7s overall stuff like Ark Survival Evolved, reason why they spawn players mid-air, so does Life is Feudal hehe. Getting stuck is common so LIF also has the command, it has a timer and can't be used if you were/are being attacked because of a casting time.

  • @MaxBacon my 2k hours of ark says otherwise on spawning mid air. That Don't happen. Ever get stuck in a cage? People always log out and back in and guess what? still in the cage. LOL but my point is this is not PVP. Wet don't want someone to be able to trap you that makes no sense

  • @pan7s hmm don't remember well how it works now. I remember some stuff so it had a lot of work done to avoid the constant clipping and even spawning under the map.

    The golden rule of gaming is that, if it can be griefed some people will love to do that. I can see some deep holes disguised with grass you randomly fall on :D As for the Justice system overall some tweaks can be done but it shouldn't be a problem.

  • @pan7s Maybe i typed it wrong? unstuck is hard to spell i guess that could have been it, must have spelled it wrong over 8 times than. Thanks, i'll be more careful in my typing in the future........................................ there should be no need for an unstuck command in a full game, imo. PvP or not. I get having the command in the alpha/beta phases of course.

  • Just hoping we have no trolls or griefers. This Game has no room for it. Not yet anyway haha. Dragon no need to be like that I was just offering help. I have misspelled it a bunch of times it happens. Human error happens. True it may not be in the game forever. I just said it may be. I didn't say it would be. I feel like Yall are going to far. All I wanted to do was recommend help. I know I was thankful the first time someone told me about /unstuck and just want to pay it forward. Sorry For being such a bad bad guy

  • @pan7s I was thankful and mentioned that it didn't work for me. Then you suggested i spelled it wrong 8 times, was a bit insulting, you can see why i was a bit facetious.

  • Sorry for thinking you were human capable of making a mistake good sir. I'm sorry please stop punishing me lord

  • @pan7s stop with the sympathy card, when you suggest someone is spelling a simple word wrong 8 times in a row it's insulting, not assuming human error there at all, just saying, good day sir.

  • Its in your own mind that you get insulted when someone suggests something. It's not my problem you get aggressive. It is in you. And within you :)

  • @pan7s said:

    Its in your own mind that you get insulted when someone suggests something. It's not my problem you get aggressive. It is in you. And within you :)

    You're correct someone implying i'm an imbecile and can't spell 'unstuck' 1 out of 8 times is insulting me, is all in my head, I should have been happy to be called an idiot.

    Maybe I take things a bit extreme. But seriously did you read my post or skim it? i said it didn't work with 8 tries, you said i spelled it wrong, I did say it had worked other times, but when i was on a workbench or something like that and placed a block on my face it did not work, had it happen multiple times to me and a friend. again I was only trying to post a bug in the bug forums where it belonged, never asked for help tho the /unstuck command was a helpful tip. Any who have a good day sir enjoy Eco.

  • First off I never called you an idiot. Never even implied. Never even tried. I just wanted to help. You feeling like an idiot is all on you. Second I Asked if you might have typed it wrong. I didn't say you did. I didn't demand you did. I didn't even assume you did. If you felt that way. It's on you. Lastly I would never call someone an idiot. Stupid. Or anything. I've never caled someone a name beside by brothers or maybe super close friends. And Even then it's mostly a joke. I love all people's and even bad people as its human nature to make a mistake. My favorite thing to do is help people. Next To that I like to argue when people are being rude just because it's hilarious. Yes I know this makes me no better then you but I am ok with that. Are you?

    To summarize. I didn't call you an idiot. You did.

  • @pan7s lol cute, I'm done here I've reported my bug and gotten help i didn't ask for. Thanks again for the /unstuck thing, it does help on occasion.

  • @Dragonshifty thanks! And I do apoligize and will try to watch how I word things for you in the future postings. Happy playing!

  • So while playing I've noticed a couple issues. Did they disable the cheat item at some point since in the version JOHN released on the forums and in the dev release via the account page the cheat item doesn't seem to work. Also I keep seeing a whole list of items floating in the that supposed to happen?

    Another problem I see to have is that the configure and add server buttons also do not work via the client. This has probably been reported, but is there a list somewhere to manually add servers to the list?

  • 5.3Bugs.1.png

    (The storage chest is what appears instead of the cheat item.)

  • I have issues when I try to place the carpenters bench, the game crashes and the server gives an exception error message while kicking the client and refuses clients to connect afterwards unless I restore an old file from the storage folder.

    Anyone else having issues with this? Alpha 5 Pre-Release 4 ( alpha 0.5.0 master-c7d0C5fc )


  • @perry Yes, i'm having the same issues with carpenter tables. I sent some dump files.

  • @perry @Dragonshifty The latest builds linked in the other forum post have fixed this issue.

  • @Metachronism I'm using the build you posted here: and still having this issue.

  • Hmmm, The server was patched slightly after the initial release of that which should have the fix. The version numbers didn't change (only Eco.Gameplay.dll on the server)

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