a5p3 access-range on worktable-ui should be increased

  • so a5p1 had this bug of an unlimited access-range, this was obviously a cheat and not good.
    a5p2 had it fixed but you couldnt open 2 benches at the same time.

    a5p3 fixes both, but the range in which the ui automatically closes is too short imo. the current radius in which you can use a table is barely 2 blocks around the table. iirc in a4.2 the radius was somewhere around 4-5 blocks.
    i think we need more than 2 blocks because one wont always be able to put synergizing worktables right next to eachother, but in adjacent rooms. the current radius would be too small to open 2 workbenches in adjacent rooms at the same time. it would require to manually put the materials from the table into personal inventory, then walking from 1 table to another to then put the materials from the personal inventory into the table.

  • it seems that the range in which you can shovel material into a chest is also affected by this. so it's even more important to have it icreased. cant make a pit/clear coal/stone and sorts without hopping out of the pit and standing right next to the chest. im gonna assume that the carts will be affected aswell. getting carts into a temporary pit would be even more of an issue, because we all know how fragile carts are :)

  • It can certainly be adjusted. One of the things we are trying to move more towards is the concept of 'linked' inventories, where if you are within X radius of something with an inventory, you can access it.

    For example, you could stockpile a bunch of materials next to your building site, and then access them freely while building without the need to constantly go back and forth between the stockpile.

  • @Metachronism maybe link inventory to the building it's in

  • ^ This I like.

  • i think linking inventories is a great idea! not everything should be linkable without a limit, but having the "linking-mechanic" coded into the game would open up alot of options overall. specific permissions/requirements/limits are details that can be finetuned.
    anyway, very glad to see that you guys are seeing the flaws of the current storage system and are working on improvements - however they may turn out!

    i also thought about something like linking stores to chests aswell to increase the storage of that store. (but that was with the weight system from 4.2, not sure how important this would be with the "new" system where the number of storage slots are the limiting factor)

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