Darkworld UK

  • I'm now running a 24/7 server for those from the UK/EU. Currently running Alpha 5, prerelease 3.

    30 day meteor, 1km² custom map.

    Currently, there aren't any rules, just don't be a gimp and we'll get along fine.

    Look for it in the server list or add it to your favourites at

  • Two friends and I tried to join a few minutes ago but after a crash we could no longer find it in the server's list. we're trying again :)

  • I suspect crashes will be a recurring issue for many people - particularly servers hosted by pingperfect. I'm currently limited to 2GB memory and the server is known to suffer memory leaks. Result: server restarts whether we like it or not.

    Let me know if the server takes a long time to reappear if/when it crashes again. It typically comes back within a minute or two.

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