5.0 minutia

  • Some of the things I've found so far with 5.0:

    You still can't "drop" something from your inventory. You have no way of reducing what you are carrying without putting it "in" something. Why? Am I missing the simplest thing here?

    When carrying anything it seems in the "hands" slot, for example when you chop some lumber and pick it up, I can't see where I'm going to put it because the graphic for it takes over the center of the screen where my target would be if I could see it. In 4.2 I got around this by selecting the hammer and then placing it because it would disappear and I could see. No such luck now.

    When chopping a log and nothing but tools and workbenches in my inventory I got the message "Can't pick up. Inventory full". No such case existed and i simply chopped the piece of log again, lost part of it because it was too small and therefore I lost wood, and then it became small enough to pick up. It was green the entire time so I SHOULD have been able to pick it up to start with.

    This is another game-play area I've mentioned before. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to put wood or whatever into your inventory to move it around. The limits currently in place make for a play session full of frustration rather than fun. I get you are trying to push an educational twist to the game. That's great. Now, if you want to make some money at it, you need to make it playable as a GAME.

    Think about it, does the amount of wood you can carry in your inventory really matter to the overall theme of impact to environment? No it doesn't, but it sure does make it a lot more fun to play when you can harvest an entire tree or two and THEN move on to where you were building instead of making 5,000 trips... I know I'm exaggerating but it was to push the point that maybe reality and fiction need to blend more where they can and not compromise the overall learning objectives of the game.

    When harvesting elk, I get Elk Carcasses, not meat. I haven't figured out why yet but then I haven't built up a whole lot yet either.. i'll see when I get a butcher's table made maybe...

    Last thing. The cheat mode. I use this to speed up how fast i and the couple that play with me go through the game. It's not just to make life easy, it's to make it so we can get to later content faster to give actual feedback in a timely fashion. We don't have entire days to spend playing, we have maybe hours. Fast forwarding an 18 hour research book to instant really is a big deal to us. That's how we found the bug where in the advanced kitchen stuff you couldn't place actual work tables with the "other" tables like the mill in the same room because they all counted as work tables and couldn't be in the same space... but it was the later tables that had the problem, not the earlier ones. I had the mill and butcher's table along with up to 2 other tables like the research and first carpenter's table and it all worked fine... but put them into a kitchen and forget it... Is that an error or not? Why can a mill be placed anywhere but you can't put it in the kitchen along with the oven and the butcher's table... they are all kitchen stuff!

    All that being said, I hope there's something there you developers can use. I stress erring towards game playability rather than reality. You've got a neat idea with a great artistic pallet that people will like... just make it playable.

  • right now you are just not meant to be able to drop things. i dont know why. my personal thoughts is so people dont waste anything. its all about the planet aand if you could say just throw away something to no where then it is taken away from the ecosystem forever.

    i actual like the system for carrying heavier things. without it, it would be way to easy. it gives you a reason for carts and thus roads which will take away portions of the ecosystem just so you can get stuff around easier.

    the log chopping is an issue in 5.0 and its known. its a bug. welcome to early access. also 5.0 is a bit more flawed then 4.2.1. i would stay with 4.2.1 if this is an issue for you.

    in 5.0 you get the carcass and cook it at the campfire.

    not sure the exact thinking on the mill. but i think that is more an outside station. kind of like the bloomery or campfire. although i think that when a bloomery or campfire is inside, it creates less pollution. dont quote me on that. but you can only have 2 stations inside a room at once. funny some things like a mill that dont need a room count as a station but a campfire that dont need a room does not count as one.

    its all real early access. they know of a lot of issues which is why they did not release 5.0v3 on time more then likely. if you want a playable version like i said before maybe stick with 4.2.1 untill 5.0 is worked out a little more

    some things you dislike are actually a huge part of the game like picking things up in certain amounts. and some things are just bugs/ the result of playing early access. I cant wait untill the game is worked out a little better but for now i stick with 4.2.1 as it is pretty solid.


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