Eco as a Norwegian Environmental Education Tool

  • Hello all,

    I am a PhD candidate in Environmental Psychology and Communication at the Department of Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Education, stationed in Trondheim, Norway. My PhD revolves around the use of games (digital and board-based) in environmental communication, and I am one of the recent patrons to have purchased the Classroom Pack for Eco. I am currently enrolled in creating a psychological framework model directed towards finding that elusive balance between a good game and an educational tool (which, as it turns out, is incredibly hard indeed!

    I am hoping to form a strong network here where I can observe, communicate and share ideas with like-minded and not-so-like-minded people, and I suppose this thread serves as a general introduction for myself and my work. It is intriguing to see so many people gather around Eco as a tool for education, and I hope to see the game flourish by the time it is released to the more mainstream gaming audience on Steam and similar gaming platforms.

    Feel free to introduce yourselves here if you will, and do let me know if there are other psychologists / researchers out there working around similar themes!

  • you can help discover the exact reason so many people turn into total abusive *%& within most online games :D

  • @KeenSama I'm afraid Richard Bartle was 20 years earlier than me in regards to explaining that! Some people play games simply because they are motivated to sabotage and destroy other players' gameplay sessions. Quite suitably, they are known as the "Killer" player types. And hey, where would the fun in playing games be if they didn't keep things interesting, eh?

  • 1700 hours in rust teaches you how to deal with them lol

    This game is quite refreshingly clear of those anyhow

  • Rust is like a giant social experiment full of naked men carrying giant boulders around. Let us hope the devs refrain from that (at least for the time being) and instead focus on what makes Eco, as you said, a refreshing addition to online games!

    Here's to 1700 hours in Eco as well!

  • Hey all

    In the gaming world I'm known has ArtisL. This name as evolved over the years and I think begin in the wow.

    In my real life I'm an educator for pupils in a secondary setting (aged 11-16). My education was Bsc Applied Ecology and Postgrad in Sustainable Development.

    The reason I mention my education is solely to show some background on the Eco game. I have spent considerable time looking at the benefits of gaming. My experience with educators is that they see games as a thing young people do. I often get strange looks when I explain I 'game'. Pupils love this however and I find it a gateway in helping me get concepts across. They do not see them as a tool for educating. This is were Eco can make a massive difference.

    I hope to contribute has much as can in helping us all make this game great for players, pupils and educators.


  • Hello
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