UI - In-game chat icons

  • Once again it's most likely just a question than an actual bug and if it's the case, a really low priority one.
    It came to my mind just because I was wondering how come I had a different colour icon than most of the other players I see typing in chat.
    The vast majority have a gold icon while some (me included) have a silver one.
    I assume that these are based on the game tier we bought, is that right? It that's the case, should they not be colourcoded according to the list displayed on the webpage?

    For instance, I have dev access pack and in game it displays a silver icon while my cousin bought a duo pack with a friend and he has a gold icon. As I said in the opening, it's a super minor thing :P Not sure if it's meant to change with users which will buy the game once it's in Beta and if the one that get the final release will have an icon at all.


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