Cannot collect log's after cutting down tree's

  • The bug is not immediate but after it does hit I cannot pick up any logs no matter how much I trim down the slices, it simply keeps telling me inventory full despite only carrying an axe. This tends to block progress as I cannot build more or research more without logs. I'm simply stuck unable to build another room for workbenches, or build anything within a workbench. Any idea if this will be fixed by Alpha 5's full release?
    Also why wont the forum let me post this in the English public forum? There is no option for me to, only the German one, or what I assume to be German.

  • the log type is important in this. try to cut a birch or cedar. i believe the oak trees give out to much wood to pick up! not sure if it will be fixed in the next patch or not.

  • try to cut small slices from the log you try to pick up the big logs only have a small area where there a pickable before they despawn because of the size

  • Unfortunately its all the types of trees that do this for me, and ive cut the slices so small another slice and it ceases to be, it simply wont let me.

  • ah darn.

  • whats your logging yield at?
    they supposedly "fixed" this with 5.2 but really shifted the issue imo. it's a bit difficulty to explain, i wanted to make a detailed report about it.

  • looging yield adds that you can carry more too so it should not be this case.
    i had this problem too and like i said before you need to cut the log so small that he almost despawns i think it was some where between 1/2 and1/3 of the diameter

  • I agree with Panisch. Me and my cousin were both experiencing it yesterday (15-16h ago) on the SLG debug server. But it was only with one specific type of tree (sorry, I can't remember which one).
    No matter what the size of the logs were, there was nothing we could do. You'd constratly get the "inventory is full" warning even if you had nothing on you and the log was smallest slice.

  • i couldnt quite reproduce what i encountered the other day, so im gonna hold off on posting it, until i can.

    but during the attempt i encountered a few birch trees that were definitely not harvestable. i cut em smaller and smaller until the chunk dissapeared. always got the error "inventory is full".
    some other birch tree a bit further away could be harvested and the cedars i tried were fine, but then again my sample size wasnt very large.
    either way there certainly are trees that cant be harvested. if those are only birch trees or could also be cedars - i dont know.

    /edit: this was with NO points in the logging yield skill. tested on black calgary.

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